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PoliMicks - Hey, somebody's gotta bitch, right?

You don't like it? Don't read it.

5 May
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PoliMicks is a combination of Politics, Polemics and my name.

Welcome to the rantings of a politically-minded bisexual, wiccan, pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-civil rights, pro-death penalty (with reservations), pro-education, pro-comprehensive sex ed Feminist with an attitude. A big attitude. A big, big attitude. And yes, I probably do think I'm smarter than you.

Feel free to read, or not. Comment or not. However, if you're going to engage me in debate, have something TO debate. Stupid name-calling and whining will be deleted. And remember, no one's MAKING you read this. You don't like my views, well, that computer you're staring at has several keys that can remedy the problem, now doesn't it?