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My Doctor Listened to me.
Mister Yuck
Sorry, it's been a while, guys. But here's the new one. http://www.polimicks.com/?p=637

"Thin people do not realize how fucking fraught going to the doctor can be, when you know you’re going to have to fight with them to seriously look at your concerns. It’s tiring. You don’t want to do it, especially when you already feel like crap and you know you’re going to have to put up with yet more bullying from someone who is supposed to help you, in order to get anything taken care. I’ve been accused of lying about my diet, about my levels of exercise by doctors and nutritionists. It sucks and it makes you not want to go, even when you need to. When you need an anxiety med just to get in the door, hell yes your blood pressure’s going to be through the roof."

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